Free Logo Design Software for an Outstanding Logo

Free Logo Design Software for an Outstanding Logo

As an entrepreneur or business start-up, it is vital that you come up with a good logo for your company. Your logo is a powerful tool for communicating with the final consumers, and it should tell your brand story at a glance. While in the not too distant past, companies had to depend on graphic design agencies to do the work of generating a logo, with the advancement in technology, however, you will find a lot of free logo design software available online.  One such software is the Shopify Hatchful that will give you a logo within seconds.

Your logo is your company’s visual identity, and it will differentiate your brand from others. Some logos consistently come up in the top 10 list of great logos, because they communicate well and are top-of-mind among the consumers. We will explore some of them below and why they stand out.


The first Apple logo in 1976 was quite complicated and featured Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. It underwent quite a bit of transformation and is now a literal apple that looks like someone has bitten into it.  The company has also dabbled with colors; shiny Chrome and now the flat color.

 Many people have theorized about the reasons behind the bite in the Apple, some believe it is a play on the word gigabyte/ megabyte, but we are yet to know the real reason. While experts say that your audience should never be left scratching their heads, sometimes generating a bit of conversation will only result in greater awareness for your brand. Be careful though, what would work well for an established company like Apple may not work very well for a start-up.


The Toyota logo is another example of an iconic logo and features the colors silver grey and red. All these colors and the oval design combine to give a professional looking logo, which has stood the test of time. According to the company, the internal ovals represent the heart of the consumer and Toyota. 

They overlapping or intertwining depending on how you look at it shows that there is a mutual relationship between the two. The overlap creates the letter T which is in the shape of a steering wheel and is also the first letter in the company name.

It is truly unique because there is such a story within the design and if you combine the design of the ages and the use of bold font, it stands out as a company that is confident and surely capable of producing great products.

The Target logo

The Target logo has undergone some changes since its creation in 1962. Initially, it had text and symbols, but currently, it has a red and white ring with a red bulls-eye right in the center. The logo needs no explanation, and it communicates the company brand story well.  The red color is also very striking, and the combination with white brings out its simplicity even further.

Red communicates passion, while white is all about purity and health. The design is minimalistic and will stand out prominently whatever the application. The circle demonstrates that the brand is welcoming and will embrace you.


Coca-Cola is an example of a timeless logo. The first design was introduced in 1886 and was black and white; it has rapidly evolved and now features the colors red and white. Since 1958, the only other addition to it has been the wave at the bottom.

The company was bold enough to use a fancy font, but this does not deter from the power of the design. The red is energetic and passionate and shows that bold use of color can make your logo stand out. The custom fonts in the logo are unique to Coca-Cola and truly make the brand stand out. 



Who does not know the Nike swoosh?  Nike is a classic example of a logo design that is simple and memorable. The design has been around since 1971 and is the work of a graphic design student Caroline Davidson, who only got $35 for her outstanding creation.

The basis of the logo is the Greek goddess of Victory. The swoosh represents the Wings of the goddess and is a reliable indicator of the Nike traits. Initially, there was some text on their logo, but over time, the swoosh became a stand-alone.  If you look at the design, you think of power and speed; the checkmark shows that the product is excellent.

The Nike brand is an excellent example of how to use shapes to convey a message. Be advised though, for a company to be able to use shapes only without any words requires a level of brand building which does not happen overnight.  Nike was able to remove the text only after a certain period. 

Why you should use the logo generators software

Technology and automation are there to make work simpler. Why do you need to spend countless hours, days and vast amounts of money to come up with the logo when you can do it for free online?  Through the use of the online logo generator software, all it takes is your ability to follow simple prompts and to communicate what you want clearly, and in a matter of seconds, you can have a logo that is simple and timeless.

Final thoughts

A good logo is crucial because it will help you communicate your brand story without having to use so many words.  If you look at the examples we have shared with you above, the one thing that stands out is the simplicity and careful combination of color and text.

By using a logo generator, you have the option of choosing from a vast number of templates and designs, which will help you create a logo that speaks to the audience without using words. Be clear on what you want and see your company stand out from the competitors. While we are not saying a good logo is a sure way of succeeding in business, it is a powerful communication and will help your consumers connect with your brand.

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